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New parents: why sleep isn’t just for the kids

When you’re riding the rollercoaster of parenting young children, sleep can seem like an unobtainable luxury. Just when you think you’re settling into some well-earned shut-eye, the baby monitor wakes you abruptly or your alarm informs you it is time for another feed.

While there’s really very little that’s more joyous than bringing a baby into the world and raising children, physical and emotional exhaustion can sometimes be a side effect. In fact, some parents can face up to six years’ of sleep deprivation according to one study published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Sleep Research Society.

On a more positive note, the study did find that parents gradually saw an improvement in their sleep as their firstborn grew. However, the worries, stress and responsibilities of parenthood can still affect long-term sleep patterns.

Why you need sleep

After being “on” all day, juggling family, kids and work demands, you may find it hard to disconnect enough to rest well at night. Simply lying down in bed may bring spinning thoughts of to-do lists front of mind, making it hard to switch off. But while getting enough sleep might seem difficult for some, it’s importance shouldn’t be understated.

Sleep-deprivation can be harmful for your health, but it also has the potential to have negative impacts on your baby too. Without enough sleep, it is much harder to be attuned to your child and provide them with the attention and positive parenting they need. Related issues that could arise from not getting enough sleep can include:

  • Poor judgement
  • Memory loss
  • Reduced alertness and slower reaction time
  • Feeling groggy throughout the day
  • Weakened immune system

It’s not just your health that could be impacted by lack of sleep. Almost a quarter (22%) of parents surveyed by Netmums in conjunction with The Children’s Sleep Charity said their relationship with their partner was negatively affected by tiredness. More than a third (35%) of parents described themselves as regularly being “exhausted” and more than half (59%) admitted they’ve lied about how well they cope with sleep deprivation.

Fortunately, years of research and development have led to a solution that can help you, and all parents, get the sleep you need.

Re-energise your life

With your baby sleeping for short periods and often at irregular times, we know it can be difficult to get that good period of rest you crave. That’s why we have launched SleepHub®, a science-powered product designed to restore natural sleep. It uses a unique and highly effective combination of science, sound and technology to target the underlying principal causes of poor sleep patterns.

Parents can use the different sleep modes on SleepHub® to get much needed sleep in-line with their child’s sleep patterns. Easy Sleep, for example, is a mode that can help you enjoy natural sleep when you have a set amount of time to get the rest you need. So if your child typically sleeps for four hours at a time, you can use Easy Sleep to help you sleep at the same time.

Power Nap is another mode that could prove useful for parents. This mode allows you to choose from a 30, 45 or 60 minute nap, perfect for allowing you to get some much needed rest when your child naps or when you have somebody else on hand to watch your child while you get some rest.

Additional modes including Deep Sleep and Fall Asleep are configured to help you achieve full nights of natural sleep. As children grow older and reach the age where they don’t wake up regularly or no longer require night time feeds, you can switch to these modes to help you revert to natural sleep patterns.

As a parent, you shouldn’t accept bad sleep as a fact of life. If you’ve tried to apply sleep hygiene tips and relaxation exercises and are still have trouble sleeping, SleepHub® could be the answer you’ve been searching for.